Passing the JAMB exam is important for students as there is no alternative to getting admission into the university. scoring high increases your chances of admission into your preferred course in the university. 
According to JAMB out of 1,904,189 candidates who sat for the 2024 exams, 1,402,490 (73.7%) students scored below 200.
These poor results have left students discouraged and uncertain as many, chose courses like Medicine and Surgery that need a high score to get admission.
I will share common reasons why they failed and some advice to prevent it.
Reasons for failure in the exam:

1. Lack of proper Preparation for the JAMB Exam:

Many students didn’t do the work needed to score high in JAMB. They barely covered their curriculum. They didn’t create sufficient study time with adequate study materials. 

Many started reading a few weeks before the exam when they should have started months ago. The best time to start preparing for JAMB is when the decision is to write JAMB is made, months before registration starts.

Students entered the hall without dealing with weaknesses in their core subjects, particularly Mathematics and English.

Your time of preparation is the time to make your weaknesses your friend.

Don’t enter the hall knowing that you have not read your literature book. this will reduce your ability to answer questions correctly.

2. Distraction from Social Media:

Many students focused more on participating in the latest TikTok challenge than preparing for their exams.

There was more activity on their social media channel than on their reading materials.

Some refused to put down their phones while reading for this exam, and time allocated for reading was spent on different social media channels.

Exam preparation is a time for self-discipline and denial for a short time to achieve the goal of scoring high.

you can decide to put down your phone for 3 months, pass your exams and go to university.

You can also follow up on all breaking news on social media with a chance of returning to write the same exam again.

3. Poor Understanding of JAMB Exam Format:

Many students didn’t practise CBT questions before their main exam. JAMB was their first CBT exam experience.
They didn’t use JAMB practice apps like ExamScholars with sample questions and past exam questions, showing exam structure, question types, and timing.
ExamScholars app will help you become familiar with this exam building your confidence till you write your main exam.
Practicing with CBT Software Like  ExamScholars will help us track your score and your progress showing your subjects and topic performance.  You can always know where you stand.

4. Exam Stress and Anxiety:

 Students enter the hall afraid which reduces their ability to think clearly. resulting in poor results. some of the things that can cause fear include 
  • Inadequate Preparation: Limited access to experienced teachers, mentors, or tutors leaves students without proper direction.
  • Personal Challenges: Health issues, family problems, or financial struggles affect students’ mental well-being and academic performance.
  • Unrealistic Expectations: Setting unachievable targets and comparing oneself to others leads to discouragement, low self-esteem and burnout.

5.  System Failure:

Many students could not write their exams due to system failure. Students complained of different system errors,  if you ever experience this, call the attention of exam officials.
Some complained that their final score is not their score especially in English Language and Mathematics.
Please note that Failing JAMB is not the end of your academic journey. By addressing these issues, students can improve their chances of success.
Effective preparation, seeking guidance, managing stress, and adopting productive learning strategies are crucial for overcoming JAMB hurdles.
Remember, failure is an opportunity to learn and grow. Embrace the challenge, and you’ll rise stronger and more resilient.
Always remember to:
  • Start preparing early.
  • Use ExamScholars App to prepare for your exam.
  • Seek guidance from experienced teachers or mentors who have your target results.
  • Practice with sample questions and past exams
  • Understand yourself and your learning process.
  • Manage exam stress and anxiety.
  • Set realistic goals and celebrate progress, not perfection.
You can ask your questions in the comments, and share your challenges.