JAMB has become a serious obstacle for students like you who want to get university admission.

However, there are other paths to achieving your university dream.

JUPEB is your path to bypass JAMB and get admission into the university.

What is JUPEB?

The Joint Universities Preliminary Examinations Board (JUPEB) is a national examination body that offers a one-year A-level program, that gives direct entry into the 200 levels at participating Nigerian universities.

Established in 2014 by a consortium of Nigerian universities, it is a federal government-approved program that allows students to choose three subjects relevant to their desired degree program.

This is an alternative for gaining admission into Nigerian universities.

It provides students with a focused curriculum in chosen subject areas, preparing them for the stress of university studies.

This focused approach enables in-depth study and preparation for final examinations.

JUPEB result does not expire!

Why Choose this program?

  1. JAMB Bypass:  Gain direct entry into 200 level at participating universities, eliminating the need for JAMB.
  2. Reduced Study Time: it can potentially shorten your overall study time, allowing entry into 200 level and saving a year compared to the traditional university entrance route.
  3. Focus on Specific Subjects: Delve deeper into subjects directly related to your chosen field, providing a strong foundation for your university studies.
  4. Wide Range of Courses: this program offers various subjects across Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, and Management disciplines.
  5. International Recognition: This qualification is recognised by some universities abroad, opening doors for international study opportunities.

Who  Should Consider?

This is good option for the following groups of students:

  • Students who under performed in JAMB

These are students who have a low JAMB score and  didn’t meet the JAMB cutoff mark or the departmental cutoff mark for the courses, they are seeking admission into.

  • Those seeking a more intensive academic experience

This is an intensive program, this makes you ready for

Who is eligible ?

  • You need a minimum of five (5) credit passes in your SSCE (WAEC/NECO) exams, including English Language and Mathematics.
  • Subject combinations should be aligned with your desired university degree program (e.g., sciences for Engineering or Medicine, Arts for Social Sciences).

How to Apply 

There’s a two-step application process:

1. Pre-Registration:
2. Individual University Application:
  • Research universities offering this program that align with your chosen degree.
  • Each university has its own application process and deadlines.
  • Visit the university website (e.g., University of Ibadan JUPEB: https://alevelsadmissions.com/ibadan-jupeb-centre/) for specific instructions, program details, and any additional requirements.

Important Tips:

  • Contact the University: Clarify any doubts by contacting the JUPEB program coordinator or admissions office at your chosen university.
  • Program Availability: Ensure your target university accepts JUPEB for your desired course.
  • Subject Selection: Choose subjects aligned with your degree program.
  • Program Fees: Factor in associated fees that vary depending on the institution.
  • Time Commitment: Be prepared to invest significant time and effort in studying.
  • Meet Deadlines: Application deadlines are strict. Ensure you submit your application well before the closing date.
  • Stay Updated: Refer to university and JUPEB websites regularly for any changes or updates. check this website for recent updates

Is This program Right for You?

If you’re a Nigerian student seeking an alternative pathway to university admission with a strong focus on your chosen field, then  this program could be the perfect fit.

Take the time to research universities and program details to ensure it aligns with your goals.

With careful planning, focused study, and the right program selection, this can become your gateway to achieving academic success in a Nigerian university.

Ready to Take Control of Your Future?

Get started today and open doors to exciting academic opportunities in Nigeria!