INK TUTORS has done a tremendous jobs on helping students preparing for the KCPE exams in mathematics. We have solved the past questions for 2019 past papers. we have a full playlist dedicated to KCPE 2019. in this video 2019 questions 1 to 7 was explained well.

KCPE questions over the years has become so challenging with different strategies employed by the KNEC to ensure the questions are not cheap. That is why we took our time to ensure every KCPE questions is solved in full deatils. we are also ensuring we provide you solutions for other subjects as we jeep going. One of the way you can keep up to us is to subscribe to our youtube channel. you can do that by clicking the link below

Check out our playlist on KCPE 2019 and other KCPE past paper years series to learn more.

you can watch the video here