April 9, 2024

JAMB 2024 Novel: Life Changer Summary


JAMB 2024 Novel: Life Changer Summary The Life Changer Summary: Every year, JAMB suggests a textbook for candidates to be used for the English JAMB exam. To help you get ready for the exam, we have provided a brief overview of the JAMB 2024 novel, “The Life Changer,” in this post.

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JAMB has announced to all candidates sitting for the 2024 UTME examination that they will be tested on the use-of-English JAMB 2024 novel titled “The Life Changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

Before updating a recommended novel, JAMB uses it for two to three years. “The Life Changer” has been considered for this year’s JAMB 2024 novel. Since questions will be based on the novel, it is required of all applicants to read it.

Upon obtaining the JAMB e-registration PIN, applicants will get the JAMB 2024 novel at the time of registration in any of the acceptable JAMB-authorized CBT centers (at a fee of ₦4,500 plus an extra N500 for the book).

About the Book and Writer

The book is a literary work that modifies the story of university life. The book supports the concepts of hope and redemption in the lives of our youth and is laced with deep brightness. The narrative tracks Salma and the rest of her university companions’ misadventures as they navigate the rough and tumble waves of academics.

The writer

Khadija is a graduate of B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics. She is the CEO of She’s Boutique Afrique and a businesswoman. Khadija Abubakar Jalli has a husband and kids. Khadija Abubakar Jalli’s first book, which was selected for the JAMB 2024 Novel, The Life Changer, seems to suggest that the female voice is beginning to resurface on the margins of the African literary landscape.


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The JAMB 2024 Novel Summary: The Life Changer


Chapter 1


A family of six is waiting for Mr. Esquire to arrive. As they wait, Bint describes her interaction with her nosy social studies instructor, Mallam Salihu, who frequently asks questions unrelated to the topic of discussion, giving the impression that he knows a little bit more about every subject.

Bint describes how she really handled a similar situation, leaving the teacher amazed by the students’ applause and laughter.

Just as Omar cheerfully announces his acceptance to study law at Ahmadu Bello University, Ummi enters the debate, showing her seamless pride in her daughter and Bint’s clever solution to problems. Omar brags about his accomplishment and takes delight in just conquering exam obstacles and a few other admissions processes during his admissions process, while his family comes together to celebrate his victory.

Ummi attempts to educate her son about how admittance to a university might change his life, seeing how ignorant he is. Ummi shares with her kids how her admission transformed her.

Chapter Two


Ummi was admitted to the university twenty years ago, and she married her husband before she could even begin her registration. Ummi informs them about the freedom and carefree lifestyle that university students lead, the difficulty of telling instructors from students because females are sometimes dressed nearly completely in skimpy attire, and the necessity for certain faculties to pay attention to dress regulations. Ummi goes on to talk about her interactions with Salma, a chic young woman. A young man waiting in line questions Salma and starts a conversation with her, but Salma keeps criticizing and generalizing her thoughts on lectures.

Not only does Salma paint lecturers and police officers as bribable types, but she also makes a big show of being able to get the lecturer to agree to anything for as little as two or three thousand naira. To Salma’s surprise and the surprise of everyone else in the line, the young man Salma has been chatting with is actually the lecturer in charge of the registration process. After completing her departmental registration, Ummi is told to go to the office of the HOD. She thinks it’s a bit awkward and improper that the HOD is making such sweet small talk with Ummi.

Ummi thinks the HOD is making a pass at her. Unbelievably, she puts up with this until she gets her matriculation number, at which point she gets upset and storms out of the office.


When Ummi gets home, she tells her husband about her encounter at the HOD’s office, but she is shocked to hear about her husband and Dr. Sam John’s friendship and rapport.

Chapter 3

Ummi narrates the tale of Talle, the youngster who is known as “the quiet one.” After many years of childlessness, Talle is born, and his mother passes away as a result.

“The quiet one” was a suitable title for him because he was always quiet as a child and became much more so after the passing of his father and stepmother.

The villagers think Talle is a wonderful person who can’t hurt them. After Talle confided in Zaki that he was in need of money, he suggested kidnapping a child and holding a ransom. When the two carry out their plan, Talle confines the boy to his home.

Talle goes to the market to get his groceries, but he gets twice as much as usual. His bigger desire for goods soon becomes noticeable to the market woman, who informs the district head of the problem.

Talle was being questioned by the district chief when police stormed the palace and took Talle into custody on suspicion of kidnapping and extortion. In the end, Talle and Zaki receive jail sentences of a few years.


Chapter 4

An additional description of Salma’s magnificence and arrogance is provided in this chapter. Salma visits the level coordinator, Dr. Debo, to get her paperwork signed. Regretfully, Dr. Debo drifts away from his years of discipline and starts making moves towards Salma.

Before leaving the office, Salma criticizes him even more and ignores his attempt with a snobbish attitude. Dabo is left feeling guilty and regretfully prays that he may be cleared of the consequences of what he has done.

Salma checks herself into a room with three other females after completing her hostel registration. Salma is first repulsed by her roommates, but over time, they develop a close bond and closeness that they see as sisterhood.

One faithful evening, Habib and his driver, Labaran, offer Salma a trip in a Mercedes Benz. She slips in, aware that it’s risky, and she arrogantly plans a way to turn down Habib’s request to go on a date in the event that he does make a proposal.

Having to decline a man who rides a Benz is Salma’s way of upgrading her standard and getting recognition and respect from her colleagues and the entire university.


Chapter 5

This chapter reveals that Salma offers Habib Tomiwa’s mobile number instead of hers, and without Habib’s knowledge, he phones Tomiwa to ask her out on a date. Tomiwa chooses to go on a blind date because she is curious about Habib, but she finally reveals the change in phone numbers.


Chapter 6

Moral philosophy is particularly challenging for Salma. But she gets ready by rehearsing past questions and providing offhand responses. Unfortunately, Salma doesn’t know the answers to any of the exam questions because she spent the entire night studying none of the topics in question. She decides to cheat on the exam. As she copies the questions into her response booklet, Kola replies to some of the questions in a note. She is unfortunately discovered by a female lecturer. Salma is escorted to the HOD’s office and forced to fill out the Examination Malpractice (EMAL) form. He forwards her matter to the Ethics and Exams Committee for additional handling. After that, Kola and Salma are expelled.


Chapter 7

Salma goes to Habib in hopes of using his political connections to help her influence the committee. Habib offers to include Dr. Debo, but she rejects and suggests bribery because of her previous interactions with the lecturer.

Salma agrees to repay Habib in kind if he gives her money to bribe the head of the Examination and Ethics Committee (EMEC).

Salma is reluctant to accept this offer because of her affair with Labaran, and she considers it unfair to have an affair with her friend’s man. Salma quickly accepts his request, but unhappily, she transfers the funds to Dr. Kabir, who serves as the EMEC chairman.

She soon finds out she has been deceived by Dr. Kabir, who was neither the chairman nor a member of the committee. She is demoralized and breaks down.


Chapter 8

The actual identity of Mohammed Kabir, a university-employed laboratory technician, is revealed in this chapter. Since high school, he has gone by the moniker “Doctor” and is always called “Dr. Kabir.”

When Labaran learns that the gambler has been manipulating Salma, she alerts Habib and advises that Zaki be contacted to take care of the matter. Since Zaki failed in his initial attempt to kidnap Alhaji Adamu’s son, the Honourable Habib is dubious about engaging Zaki. Habib followed Labaran’s advice and got in touch with Zaki to follow Kabir.

Kabir is seen visiting a gaming parlor. Kabir wins the game at the casino and walks away to save his winnings. Unfortunately, thugs who want to get their hands on Kabir’s winnings are pursuing him. While Kabir is being attacked by the goons, Zaki catches up with him.

As the thugs run, Zaki hits them and takes charge of the situation. After that, he focuses on Kabir, gets the money, and leaves him hurt.

Ummi also shares with her kids how Salma corrected her immoral behavior. After her father passes away, Salma turns into a respectable and serious person, and Ummi accepts Salma as a friend due to her seriousness.


Chapter 9

Ummi, too, shares Salim’s bitter smartphone experience. Salim tells Lawal the truth about a woman he met on the internet. Following several photos, texts, and affectionate conversations, Salim meets Natasha on her day off.

He sets out to meet Natasha late at night, his unconscious warning him that she is playing him. Salim is enthralled by her attractiveness as soon as she arrives and sits with him in the front seat of his SUV.

Eventually, gunmen attack him and attempt to take his belongings from him. Fortunately, he gets away from this, but not before he falls in love with another woman he meets on social media.

He begs Lawal to go with him this time to prevent a similar situation. Lawal says no and leaves to visit the rumoredly attractive girl. Salim is disappointed and walks away, meeting an unattractive female instead.

When Daddy arrives, the kids may be seen expressing their appreciation for all the stories Ummi has told them.

THE End!

Frequently Asked Questions about the JAMB 2024 Novel 

  1. What is the full name of the author of The Life Change?

Ans = Khadija Abubakar Jalli.

  1. Why did the mother pause to listen to their conversation?

Ans = She paused because there was something about the laughter that drew her attention.

  1. What was Salma’s physical appearance?

Salma was a fair-complexioned girl. Tall, slim and rather busty.

  1. Why was the HOD close to Ummi?

She knows her husband very well and was even the one who woke her admission.

That’s it for you. The complete summary of The Life Changer, written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. If you have any opinions pertaining to this, please do well to drop them in the comment box.

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