Faculty of Education

The University of Port Harcourt’s Faculty of Education is a distinguished center for aspiring educators in Nigeria. Established with the purpose of providing students with a strong foundation in educational theories and practices, the faculty equips them with the skills necessary to thrive in various educational settings.

Here’s a detailed look at the Faculty of Education at UNIPORT and its departments:

Faculty  of Education Overview

The Faculty of Education offers a comprehensive and well-rounded education, preparing graduates for successful careers in teaching, educational leadership, and other education-related fields. The faculty emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, ensuring students can effectively apply their learnings in real-world classrooms.

Research and Development of the Faculty of Education

The faculty fosters a research-intensive environment, encouraging students and lecturers to actively engage in scholarly pursuits. This focus on research and development ensures the faculty stays updated on the latest educational trends and methodologies, allowing them to incorporate these advancements into their curriculum.

Departments of the Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education comprises eight departments, each specializing in a distinct area of education. Let’s explore each department and its potential areas of study:

  1. Department of Adult & Non-Formal Education: This department focuses on educational programs designed for adults and individuals outside of traditional schooling systems. It equips students with the skills to develop and implement effective learning programs for adult learners in various contexts.


  1. Department of Curriculum Studies and Educational Technology: This department delves into curriculum development, instructional design, and the integration of technology into education. Students gain expertise in creating engaging and effective learning experiences that cater to diverse learning styles.


  1. Department of Early Childhood and Primary Education: This department addresses the specific needs and development stages of young learners. Students explore methods and approaches to nurturing and educating children in preschool and primary school settings.


  1. Department of Educational Foundations: This department provides a strong foundation in the philosophical, historical, and sociological aspects of education. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying principles and purposes of education within society.


Possible Sub-Disciplines (Based on Publicly Available Information)

It’s important to note that the department descriptions on the Faculty of Education website suggest potential sub-disciplines within some departments.

 While the official information doesn’t explicitly list them, these sub-disciplines could provide further areas of specialization within the departments.

Here’s a brief mention of these possibilities:

  • The Department of Educational Foundations might offer sub-disciplines in English Studies, History, Religious Studies, Languages like French, and Fine Arts disciplines like Music, Theatre, and Design.


Remaining Departments

  1. Department of Educational Management and Planning: This department equips students with the knowledge and skills for effective educational leadership and administration. They delve into areas like resource management, policy analysis, and educational planning.


  1. Department of Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counselling: This department explores the psychological aspects of learning and development. Students gain insights into human behavior, motivation, and strategies for providing academic, social, and emotional support to learners.


  1. Department of Human Kinetics & Health Education: This department focuses on the importance of physical activity and well-being in education. Students explore methods for promoting healthy lifestyles and developing physical education programs for all age groups.


  1. Department of Library and Information Science: This department equips students with the skills to manage and operate libraries and information centers effectively. They learn about information retrieval, classification systems, and providing user services in a digital age.



The Faculty of Education at the University of Port Harcourt offers a diverse range of educational programs, catering to the aspirations of future educators in various fields. With its emphasis on research, theoretical grounding, and practical experience, the faculty provides a strong foundation for a successful career in shaping young minds and fostering lifelong learning.

For more information on UNIPORT, click on Uniport website

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