Department of Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology
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The University of Nigeria, commonly referred to as UNN, is a federal university. It is located in Nsukka, Enugu State, Eastern part of Nigeria.

The University of Nigeria has three campuses in Enugu State– Nsukka, Enugu, and Ituku-Ozalla.

The University of Nigeria is the first full-fledged Indigenous and first autonomous university in Nigeria, modelled upon the American educational system.

It was the first land-grant university in Africa and one of the five most reputed universities in Nigeria.

The university has 17 Faculties and 102 academic departments.

The university offers 108 undergraduate programs and 211 postgraduate programs.

Department of Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology| Faculty of Veterinary

Veterinary Microbiology is concerned with bacterial and viral diseases of domesticated vertebrate animals (livestock, companion animals, fur-bearing animals, game, poultry, but excluding fish) that supply food, other useful products, or companionship.

Veterinary Pathology is the study of animal disease in a variety of species, often with human implications.

Pathology provides the scientific foundation for the practice of medicine by studying the etiology and pathogenesis of disease at all levels.

Admission Requirements for the Department of Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology| Faculty of Veterinary

UME Entry Requirements:

Prospective candidates must satisfy both the University minimum entry and specified Faculty requirements.

The faculty requires that a candidate must have passed Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics at credit level in Senior Secondary School Certificate, GCE O/L, or an equivalent examination with credit in English.

The subjects to be taken in UTME are Biology, Chemistry, English Language, and Physics

Direct Entry Requirements:

Candidates must have passes at GCE A/L or HSC or an equivalent examination in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in addition to credit in Mathematics in SCE or GCE O/L or an equivalent examination.

Holders of a Higher Diploma in Animal Health and Husbandry at least merit level of the University of Nigeria or other equivalent Diploma, plus credit in Physics and a pass in Mathematics in GCE O/L or its equivalent are also eligible for Direct Entry Admission.

Candidates with a good University degree with a minimum of second-class honors lower division in relevant science areas, plus basic entry requirements are eligible for direct entry admission.

Jamb Subjects Combination of Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology

The subject Combinations for the Department of Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English.

O-Level Subject Combinations for Veterinary Pathology and Microbiology

English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.


Veterinary Pathology involves the study of animal diseases with human implications,

While Veterinary Microbiology focuses on bacterial and viral diseases in domesticated vertebrate animals, excluding fish.

These disciplines require a strong foundation in biology, chemistry, physics, and English.


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