Examscholars is a JAMB/UTME CBT Practice Software that helps students prepare and test their preparedness for JAMB/UTME exams. This software contains professionally evaluated past questions and answers with detailed explanations.

It also simulates realtime exam conditions to get students acquainted with the exam and better improve their subject knowledge, skill, speed and accuracy.
The questions are properly arranged by their topics to allow students focus on specific subjects, customize their practice, and manage their study time effectively.
Examscholars JAMB/UTME CBT Software Windows Desktop

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Examscholars JAMB/UTME CBT Software Android Mobile App


The software is technically easy to understand and operate. It is user friendly and mimicks the UTME exam interface with emphasis on the eight keys adopted by JAMB.

Detailed Result

The result system gives the student a rich array of data, including time spent, speed and questions attempted thus enhancing learning and improves performance

Practice Modes

Students can select different modes (Study and Exam). Study mode provides learning platform for the student while the Exam mode simulates real exam conditions.

Works Offline

Software works offline without use of internet

How to Buy & Activate

We understand that preparing for these crucial exams can be both academically challenging and financially burdensome.
With Exam Scholars, you'll find that investing in your academic success won't break the bank and you are definitely going to get the best value for any dime spent on this software.

This app with all the benefits and rich features can be purchased for a one time fee of ₦2000, You can goto this page for guide on how to pay and activate your app

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Testimonials: What People Say About Us
Testimonial 1
Chukwu Vincent
Studying past questions helped me to identify and work on my weaknesses. Now I feel very confident to take on the coming Exam.
Testimonial 2
Adewale Opeyemi
JAMB Score 309
I thought JAMB/UTME exam is hard until I started using this app. It made things so easy for me that I comfortably scored 309. Thank you Exam Scholars
Testimonial 3
Obianuju Onu
Exam Scholars helped me immensely in preparing for my JAMB exams. The realistic exam simulations and detailed explanations of past questions were incredibly valuable.
Testimonial 4
Usman Abdusalam
This platform has taught me time management and my speed of answering questions has improved greatly.
Testimonial 5
Olajide Omoyele
Exam Scholars is a game-changer for JAMB preparation. It improved my subject knowledge, speed, and accuracy, and I aced my exams thanks to it!.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Exam Scholars is a JAMB CBT Practice Software designed to help students prepare for the JAMB/UTME exams. It provides a platform for practicing past questions, improving subject knowledge, and enhancing speed and accuracy.
Exam Scholars is created to help you practice past questions in real exam conditions.
Download and install either the Mobile or Desktop version of the app and start practicing
Exam Scholars distinguishes itself by offering professionally evaluated past questions and answers with detailed explanations. It also simulates real-time exam conditions, helping students become better prepared.
Yes, Examscholars simulates real exam conditions, which helps students become familiar with the format and time constraints. Regular practice with the software can improve speed and accuracy in answering questions.
Yes, our exam interface is built to JAMB/UTME standard. It has a standard calculator and is equipped with the JAMB approved 8 keys shortcut which can help you take exams without using your mouse.
All our questions are carefully veted by highly competent professionals to ensure highest possible degree of accuracy. So, our questions are error free.
However, if you notice anything you believe to be an error, you are welcome share it with us and we will rectify it as soon as possible.
Yes, Exam Scholars contains features to track your progress, review your performance, and identify areas where you need improvement.
It provides valuable insights to help you focus your study efforts effectively.
Yes, Exam Scholars updates the content of the application every year